In addition to Prosecco, Cantine Vedova produce other wine types under the brand Vedova and Casa Farive.  These include local red wines (Cabernet and Cabernet Sauvignon), the pinot grigio, the spumante and rosé, all made with the aim of offering a wide variety of choice and satisfying different tastes, while maintaining the same attention to quality.


  • cf-cuvee-brut_p

    Cabernet Veneto IGT

    A Cabernet IGT that is perfect with red meats, roasts and mature cheese. The optimal wine to cheer your table, with its intense ruby red color, its purplish-blue glints, a fruity and slightly herbaceous in the final flavour, as well as its smell, which blends hints of berries of the forest.

  • sauvignon_p

    Cabernet Sauvignon Piave VQPRD

    With its intense ruby red colour with garnet glares, hints of fruits of the forest and spices and a dry, sapid and full-bodied taste with a pleasantly grassy finish, the Cabernet Sauvignon Piave DOC wine is a feast for your eyes, your nose and your palate. To be paired with roasted meat, game birds, mature cheese.


  • cuvee-brut

    Spumante Cuvee Brut

    A Spumante Brut wine with a fine and persistent perlage, with dry and cool taste and with a balanced finish. Its scents is floral and fruity at the same time, with notes of green apple. The perfect pairing for raw shellfish. To sip as an aperitif or to enjoy throughout your meal.

  • rosarose_p

    Spumante Rosato CF – Rosarosè -Extra Dry

    An excellent Spumante Rosato Extra Dry rosé wine from the Veneto region. Its scent is fruity, delicate and intense with notes of berries and hints of rose, a full-bodied, fruity and round taste with a pleasantly fruity finish and a fine, elegant and persistent perlage. It is perfect to be served with white meat and fish, and is excellent as an aperitif.


  • vino-frizzante-tappo-vite

    Casa Farive Vino Frizzante Bianco Screw Cap

    A Frizzante wine of fruity and floral aroma, with a pleasant hint of apple. Fresh and full-bodied in taste, it is perfect to cheer aperitifs and to be paired with dishes of pasta or fish.


  • cf-pinot_p

    Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT

    Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT: a wine of fresh taste, ready to captivate with its hints of citrus and fresh fruits, where the green apple dominates. The perfect pairing to light meals, egg-based dishes and rice salads.

  • rose-frizzante

    Rosato Frizzante

    A Rosato Frizzante (rosé wine) to be enjoyed at every sip, thanks to its fresh and elegant taste, with a fruity finish. Very pleasant to the nose, with its fruity aroma with notes of wild strawberry and blackcurrant.