The dedication to their profession and the love for their land have made the Vedova family one of the largest and best-known wine producers in the Valdobbiadene area.

Our story

Dedication to the craft and love of the land have made the Vedova family one of the largest and well known wineries of Valdobbiadene. The family business began in the fifties of the last century. The vast experience gained over the years has combined with the new technologies available to produce the finest quality wine and meets the taste of the finest connoisseurs.

Where we are

The Cantina Vedova winery is located in the heart of Treviso, Valdobbiadene, in the area famous for its Prosecco DOCG of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano.

The Agritourism

In addition to producing wines of the highest quality, the Vedova family also operates its own vineyard and farmstead, where one may lodge for vacation.

The Vedova winery lodge is also available for romantic dinners, meetings or colebrations. You can taste, in addition to the Vedova wines, refined menus and typical products made by Vedova, including sausages and jams.