Millesimato DOC Brut

A Millesimato DOC Brut with fresh, fruity, dry flavour, with a pleasant harmonious and fruity finish. The fruity characteristic is also present at the nose, with hints of white flesh fruits, where apple dominates, and hints of white flowers. It is excellent as an aperitif and throughout your meal, especially in combination with light dishes and fish.

Production area

Vineyards situated on the hilly area of the Prosecco DOC

Grape variety

Glera (known as Prosecco)


Max 180 q/ha

Wine production process

End of August beginning of September

Sparkling wine production process

Martinotti-Charmat method


Light straw yellow


Fine and persistent


Deeply fruity with hints of apple and white flesh fruits. Pleasant hints of white flowers.


Fresh, savoury and dry with a pleasantly harmonic and fruity finish

Serving temperature

6°-8° C

Average data

Alcool 11 % vol Sugar content 12 g/l Acidity 5,6 g/l

Serving suggestions

Perfect as an aperitif of to be served with light first courses. Suited to all courses with fish.


0,75 l 1,5 l

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Prosecco Millesimato DOC Brut by Casa Farive is a wine made from grapes from the vineyards cultivated in the D.O.C area of ​​Prosecco.
The harvest of the Glera grape takes place in late August and early September, the ideal period for obtaining the optimal ripening of the grapes.
The climatic characteristics of the territory allow to create a Prosecco Millesimato with a fresh, savory, dry flavor, with a harmonious and fruity finish . The nose perceives a fruity hint, reminiscent of the aroma of the white pulp of the golden apple and wild white flowers.

For wine lovers, Millesimato is often sipped during an aperitif, a convivial moment of the Venetian tradition. At the same time it is also perfect combined with light dishes and fish dishes.