Prosecco DOC Tranquillo

A Prosecco DOC wine with a fresh bouquet, with fruity and floral scents, “Tranquillo” in name and in fact. From Glera vineyards cultivated in the Prosecco DOC area, this wine can be paired perfectly with light courses, from fish-based aperitifs to white meats, to soft cheese.

Production area

Vineyards situated on the hills included in the Prosecco DOC area

Grape variety

Glera (known as Prosecco)


Max 180 q/ha

Wine production process

Second ten days of September


Light straw yellow


Fresh bouquet with fruity and floral scents


Firm, dry and sapid with a harmonic and slightly fruity aftertaste

Serving temperature

8°-10° C

Average data

Alcool 11% vol Sugar content 6 g/l Acidity 5,4 g/l

Serving suggestions

Fish-based appetizers, light first courses, white meat and fresh cheese


0.75 l

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Still Prosecco DOC is a still white wine, which, like sparkling Prosecco, is obtained from the processing of Glera grapes. The vines from which it comes Grapes are those grown on the hills included in the famous Prosecco DOC area, an area which thanks to its characteristics allows to obtain a particular and unique product in the whole world.
Prosecco DOC Tranquillo, in name and in fact, is a wine with a fresh bouquet on the nose, with fruity and floral hints, while on the palate there are hints of golden apple and acacia flowers.

Its fresh flavor makes it a wine suitable for pairing with light dishes with not too intense aromas, with courses of fish and white meats and cheeses. We do not recommend tasting it with red meats, which for the stronger flavor could cover the taste of the wine.