Spumante Superiore di Cartizze DOCG – Valdobbiadene – Dry

Spumante Superiore DOCG wine produced from 100% Glera (Prosecco) grapes, grown in the Municipality of Valdobbiadene. With its fruity and floral notes and its fresh, sweetish, soft taste, it is perfect for the most pleased toasts, and to enhance the taste of marinated rock fish or desserts.

Production area

A limited hilly area included in the districts of San Pietro di Barbozza and Santo Stefano in the Municipality of Valdobbiadene.

Grape variety

Glera (known as Prosecco)


Max. 135 q/ha

Wine production process

Second ten days of September

Sparkling wine production process

Martinotti-Charmat method


Light straw yellow


Fine and persistent


Pleasantly fruity with hints of fruit salad, fresh exotic fruit and golden apple; intense floral notes of wisteria and acacia flowers


A fresh, sweetish and pleasantly soft taste

Serving temperature

6°-8° C

Average data

Alcool 11% vol Sugar content 24 g/l Acidity 5,7 g/l

Serving suggestions

The perfect sparkling wine for a toast to remember. Suitable to accompany marinated rock fish or desserts


0.75 l

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The superior sparkling wine from Cartizze DOCG is a wine of high quality, famous all over the world for its quality and its inimitable characteristics. The grapes 100 % Glera with which it is produced are grown in a particular area of ​​the Municipality of Valdobbiadene, an area of ​​107 hectares which allows a limited production of grapes.
Precisely for this reason Cartizze di Valdobbiadene is an exclusive sparkling wine , with unique organoleptic characteristics, obtained thanks to the particular soil on which the vines are grown.

The Glera grapes, produced precisely in a limited area, allow to obtain a limited production of Spumante Cartizze , a factor that makes it a prestigious wine, known and in demand all over the world.
On the nose there are fruity and floral notes, while on the palate it looks like a wine with a fresh, sweet and soft flavor, suitable to accompany your happiest toasts and to enhance the flavor of marinated reef. The sugar content of 24 g / l gives life to a Dry Sparkling Wine suitable for pairing with cakes and spoon desserts.