Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Millesimato Rive BRUT Nebbia

The first fog announcing the arrival of autumn, the pleasure of finding the conviviality at the table again, the flavors of the “Rive” of a unique wine producing area. The perfect Prosecco Millesimato to be paired to light dishes and fish courses, with its fresh and soft taste, on a fruity, balanced finish.

Production area
Grape variety

Glera (known as Prosecco)


Max 130 q/ha

Wine production process

Second ten days of September

Sparkling wine production process

Martinotti-Charmat method


Pale straw yellow


Pleasantly fruity with hints of golden apple and white flowers


Fresh and smooth with a harmonic finish

Serving temperature

6°-8° C

Average data

Alcool 11,5% vol Sugar content 9 g/l acidity 5,6 g/l

Serving suggestions

Perfect as an aperitif or to be served with light first courses. Suited to all courses with fish.


0.75 l

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Biodiversity Friend

Cantine Vedova has dedicated a significant area of its own vineyards, in the heart of the DOCG, for the production of grapes and prosecco wine, strictly respecting the indications of the disciplinary BF. WBA has designed and patented what is still the only regulation in agriculture that certifies the commitment of farms in the conservation of biodiversity in agrosystems. The continuous monitoring of specialized inspectors trained by WBA on compliance with the product specification to guarantee that the company pursues long-term conservation objectives. A path taken in the best historical moment for an important change in the management of agriculture at a global level! The certification certifies the use of good, sustainable and low environmental impact practices in the management of vineyards with the aim of persevering biodiversity, an eco-sustainable commitment to safeguarding the health of the environment and the grapes.

The certification

The “Biodiversity Friend” certification was born in 2010 with the aim of censoring biodiversity and protecting its conservation in agriculture. The procedure for obtaining certification assesses the environmental impact of agricultural activities on the agro-system and biodiversity and suggests operational strategies to improve the quality of the environment and agricultural areas. The evaluation parameters consider 10 actions that refer to pest and pest control methods, soil fertility reconstitution methods, water resource management, the presence of hedges and wooded areas, the presence of nectariferous species, the conservation of agricultural biodiversity, the biological quality of soil, water and air, the use of renewable energies, low impact production methods and other actions that can have beneficial effects on biodiversity. The environmental conditions of the agrosystem are assessed by biomonitoring of air, water and soil. The biodiversity of soil and water macroinvertebrates and the biodiversity of epiphytic lichen communities decrease very quickly when soil, water and air conditions are altered by pollution, synthetic and organic pesticides, bad land use practices.



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The first fog that announces the arrival of autumn, the pleasure of rediscovering the conviviality at the table, the flavors of the Rivers of a unique wine area in the world. The Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Millesimato is produced with Glera grapes from the “Rive”, a precise area of ​​San Pietro di Barbozza vineyards.
The peculiarity of a Prosecco Millesimato is certainly the use of grapes from the same harvest, a feature that makes it a unique wine of its kind. Low in sugar compared to a Prosecco Brut, it has a fresh and soft flavor with a harmonious finish.

The Prosecco Millesimato is a wine that impresses us with its fruity aroma from which the hints of golden apple and delicate white flowers are perceived. Tasted at a temperature of 6-8 degrees it is ideal in combination with fish dishes, including oysters and shellfish or simply for a nice aperitif with friends.